I’m an Artist

What if your own home could be a portal to a completely different world? That’s what it’s like to have Ulla Leigh’s artworks. Once you see them, you can’t resist the desire to look again, again, and again. That’s because her creations take familiar everyday objects and beings and transform them into something absolutely magical. In fact, it feels like you are dreaming, because what you are looking at is both real and unreal at the same time.

But make no mistake, you are not looking just at colours and shapes here. What Ulla Leigh wants to give you through her creations is much bigger than that. She wants to share her emotional journey of living in a world that is both fascinating and puzzling, that both attracts and unsettle.

Buy a gift for yourself that will reawaken a sense of wonder for you and your close ones.

Exclusive Collections

Somewhere East


Belly Butterflies




Love Stories


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