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Ulla Leigh is an online surrealistic market place, where you can buy original artlimited edition prints, and posters.

Ulla Leigh’s work explores the relationship between information and emotions. By their very nature, emotions are elusive — their existence is perplexing precisely because their essence cannot be conveyed, only felt.

In portraying the ineffable, that which is lost can be retrieved by nothing other than empathy. In this game of loose translations, Ulla Leigh puts sure stories on paper, balancing on the edge between too much and not enough. Her collages are provocativecaptivating and toxic.

Ulla Leigh is the very soul of an artist.

You can trace fragments of Ulla Leigh’s existence through her creations and visions, made of thin air and paper scraps. Ulla Leigh is in constant flux, evolving alongside time and tribulations, carried by chance through the years. Even so, she is ever-present – a survivor. She carries herself with the carefree demeanour of a child, seemingly untouchable. She hasn’t lost her self…yet.

Thank you everybody who came to support me at the show!
Thank you also for appreciation of my art!
Ulla Leigh

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